Cat In The Bed: How To Make A Bed That Your Cat Will Love

Putting your cat in the bed can be a big challenge if your cat hates the bed that you made. Some types of cats are very choose when it comes to the places where they sleep and they can not be easily coaxed into getting sleeping in a bed that is not really to their liking. To help put your cat in the bed, make sure that you make a really nice sleeping place for your cat. Find a corner in the house where your cat can rest without being constantly bothered by the activities around him or her. Remember that cats are just like human beings, they also need their privacy especially when they are resting.

The sleeping place of your cat should be well ventilated. Do not put your cat in the bed that is too stuffy and hot. Cats do not like stuffy places so make sure that your cat's sleeping place is airy and not stuffy. A place near the window will do nicely for your cat.

Making A Bed For Your Cat

Putting your cat in the bed does not have be too a costly affair. You don't really have to use expensive materials to make a bed for your cat. If you cannot afford those expensive baskets or metal boxes, you may use wooden crates or cardboard boxes. Wooden crates are very durable and may last for a long time compared to the cardboard box but it can also cost higher compared to a cardboard box. In the event where your budget is really very limited, you can just settle for a cardboard box for the time being and just upgrade the quality of your cat bed once you have enough money to spare. There is really no point of going broke just to put your cat in the bed made up of expensive materials.

Decorating And Furnishing The Box

When using a cardboard box as bed for your cat, choose a box that is big enough for your cat pillow. Your cat pillow should fit into the cardboard box snugly so that your cat will feel comfortable sleeping in the box. In case where you do not have any cat pillows, you can use your old sweaters as beddings for your cat. Cats love the soft materials of sweaters so you can be sure that your cat will have a grand time sleeping on your old sweaters.