Cat Bed Slipcover: Giving The Cat's Bed A More Refreshing Look

If you want your cat's bed to look more refreshing and you have a particularly sensuous fabric in mind, then you could give its bed a complete makeover with no more effort than a snap of your fingers. You can draw on an artist's palette of slipcover fabric cover colors that include everything from light pastels to earthy greens and browns, and in the blink of an eye come up with an ideal cat bed slipcover.

Matter Of Balance

You would also need to choose the size of the cat bed slipcover and which the best one is a matter of balance. You should choose one that fits the frame, and once that is behind you, you may even opt to make one by yourself or pick up one from a store. You can make your cat's bed a bit more audacious using a slipcover that could be made from shaggy, polyester textile that are especially a favorite with cats because of the amount of warmth and comfort they give.

When choosing the cat bed slipcover, take into consideration the shape of the bed, which may have a high back as also side armrests, which offers them added security and warmth. In any case, the cat bed should be fun to view, cozy to sleep on, and it would be best served if one were to use a cat bed slipcover that is made from faux fur that will be sure to be extra dreamy soft and which would also be machine washable at the same time thus ensuring your cat is not only snug and comfortable, but is sleeping in cleanliness as well.

You would of course need to measure up the bed from the outside as well as the seat and maybe even the arms of the bed, if there are any. Once you have the measurements you can easily make the cat bed slipcover and slip it on and off whenever you wish, and if you remember to use fabric that is machine washable, so much the better.

Your cat bed slipcover should also be durable as you will want it to last for some time and not need to replace them very soon. It should help make the bed comfortable for the cat to snooze in, and should also make the bed have a fresh as well as carefree appeal. You may want to go in for pure cotton since it will almost never go out of style.