The Benefits Of Having A Cat Bed House

Pet lovers only want the best for their pets, so it is no wonder why cat bed houses are popular among them. A cat bed house provides all the privacy and quiet that a cat desires when trying to sleep. These particular cat beds are not too large and are made to fit in with any sort of living space. In other words, a cat bed house will not ruin your home decor.

A cat bed house is not necessarily expensive either. Sometimes, the best kinds of beds can cost well over one hundred dollars, while many others are as low as fifty. If you keep looking, you may be able to even find a cat bed house that is less than that. If you are willing to look at an online auction, you will most assuredly find a house that is cheaper than the retail price; unless the house is new, you have to get over the fact that the cat bed house you get from an online auction is used.

The Different Kinds Of Cat Bed Houses

One type of cat house is the tent. The name pretty much explains itself as the shape of the house resembles a tent, just smaller. These are easy to set up and can be either small or large. These types of houses provide adequate shelter for the pet and will protect them from the heat or rain when outside. The tent itself looks great in any room of the house and its portability is particularly useful when you are traveling.

Other times, your cat bed house may come with some type of scratching pole or toy hanging from the ceiling. This will most certainly occupy your cat's time for a long period and you will soon see that the cat will spend most of its time in the house.

If you want to get really extravagant and you are not afraid about spending money, you could get something called a "kitty condo." These are cat houses that are a few stories high (in cat standards) and come complete with some dangling cat toys for your pet's pleasure. The cat will particularly enjoy getting to jump from ledge to ledge and climbing the poles of the cat house. These may seem like a mansion and they will cost more than just a regular cat bed house, but your cat will be occupied for a long time with this one. One side note: if you do get a kitty condo and it is tall, you may want to keep it away from otherwise unreachable places that your cat can now climb onto and possibly break something.

No matter what kind of cat house you choose, your cat will thoroughly enjoy the privacy and safety that it provides. Cats love to sleep and a cat house will allow them to do so very comfortably. Cat lovers simply cannot do without this great product in their homes.