The Cat Bed Dome Keeps Your Cat Off Your Furniture

Is your cat overrunning your home? Do you find your cat laying on your good furniture every time you turn around? If so, then you should get your cat its own little home. Cat's love to lounge and sleep and they love cushiony furniture. For this reason, you want to make sure your cat has enough room to lie around but you also want to make sure its home is away from your furniture. It sounds like your cat needs a cat bed dome. A cat bed dome offers the cushioning cats love, but it also has a domed roof so that your cat can have the peace and quiet it deserves. Once your cat gets used to its new home, it will leave your good furniture alone, allowing you to regain control of your home once more.

Most people are probably aware of the cat litter dome. This is a domed structure with a cat litter pan at the bottom, allowing the cat privacy but it also prevents cat litter from getting everywhere. The cat bed dome follows the same concept. Your cat gets into the hole in the side and can lounge around in privacy. It's kind of like your cat's own little house. Your cat will love how soft the cushioning is and will also like how it can get away whenever it feels like being alone.

Your Furniture Is Not For Your Cat's Use

The best part of the cat bed dome is that your cat will leave your furniture alone. No longer will you have to scoot over on the couch to allow room for your cat and no longer will you have restless nights because your cat won't let you sleep in your own bed. Your cat now has its own piece of furniture with the cat bed dome. The trick is getting your cat to use it.

To train your cat to use the cat bed dome, entice it with treats and praise whenever it gets into its new home. By petting it and offering it loving words, your cat will learn that it's ok and even expected of it to get into the cat bed dome. You can also train it to keep off your good furniture by spraying it with a spray bottle filled with water whenever it jumps onto your kitchen counter, bed or couch. This training regimen will ensure that your cat uses the cat bed dome whenever it feels like lounging or sleeping and it will free up your good furniture for use by you, the way it was intended whenever you bought it.