How to Build a Cat Bed

Cat beds are a must have if you're an animal lover and own cats. Cats love being able to have their own spot to cuddle up in and sleep for hours on end, after all cats don't move out of their sleeping spot very often. This makes it even more important to have a cat bed for your furry little friends.

Buying cat beds are an easy enough task, but what if you want your cat to have something different and unique? Then building a cat bed might be just the thing for you. The supplies aren't hard to get together and the time it takes to build the cat bed won't take more than half a day's time. One thing is for sure, you're cat sure would love you for it!

Materials Used to Build Cat Beds

There are numerous different kinds of materials that can be used to build cat beds, it all depends on exactly how big and complicated you want to make the bed. If you're interested in making a comfortable place for your cat to sleep but not having to put as much effort into it that you might as well be building a house, take a look at some of the most popular materials used when building a cat bed:

Plywood- It's easy to work with, it doesn't take much and is cost effective. It's also sturdy enough to work with when building a platform for the cat bed.

Material- Old material left over from curtains or old jeans, shirts or any other kind of clothing work just as well as newly purchased material from a store. Your cat won't know the difference, and would like the cat bed you build just the same.

Nail or Staple Gun- This is how you put it all together, to connect the different pieces and materials together securely without affecting the overall look of the finished piece.

Pillow Stuffing- It's the easiest material to work with, offering a ton of fluff and fun for your cat. Using the stuffing out of already made pillows is the easiest, but you can buy the stuffing separately if you wish.

The rest is up to you and how you want to design your cat bed to build. It can be multi-story, single story, it can be simple cloth sewn together and stuffing put inside. It can be elaborate or tiny. With enough creativity, you might like the hobby and be able to build a business with it!