Get A Bed For Your Cat So You Can Get A Good Night's Rest

If you have a cat, especially if it's young, you probably don't get very much sleep at night. That's because cat's usually don't keep the same hours as humans do. While we try to sleep, our cats run all over the house and they love to jump on our backs. And no matter how many times we tell them no or spray them with water, or toss them off the bed, they just seem to come back for more. If you find this happening to you and your lack of sleep is affecting the rest of your life, you should get a bed for your cat so that you can finally sleep in peace.

What Kind Of Bed To Get

You don't need to get anything elaborate for your cat. If you want to buy a bed for your cat, just make sure that it's big enough for your cat to fit into. If your cat is a kitten, you want to make sure it's big enough to accommodate its growth spurts. After all, your cat likely won't use its bed if it's too big for it. You also want to make sure the bed is comfortable. A good rule of thumb is that it should be as comfortable as whatever piece of your furniture it likes best. If your cat loves your bed, the bed for your cat should be just as comfy or more so. After that, all you have to do is pick the color or design on the bed for your cat and cat beds come in all sorts.

Where To Set Your Cat Bed

When you bring your cat bed home, you have to find a place to set it. You want to make sure it is in a corner of the room your cat frequents the most. If your cat is usually in your bedroom when you get home, then set it in the corner of the room by your bed. If it likes the living room, then the corner of the room by the couch is a great place too. Just make sure it is not in a place that gets disturbed a lot or that experiences a lot of noise, as your cat is unlikely to use its bed if it's in one of these places.

Your cat will learn to use its bed if you train it to. You want to make sure it knows the bed for the cat is there and then praise it every time it uses it. You can praise your cat with petting, loving words or treats. You can also punish it every time it gets on your regular furniture, so that it learns that these are a no no. Eventually, your cat will learn to use its bed and will finally leave you alone so that you can get a much needed, good night's rest.