To Make a Cat Bed Pattern, Or to Buy One?

Cat lovers have been vocal for years about the lack of options when it comes to cat accessories and cat beds. Because of this, some people have taken to creating their own cat bed patterns in order to have more options available to them. But, not everyone is a sewer or even wants to be, leaving some people to deal with the limited options that were available before.

However now that so many people have decided to make their own cat bed patterns, some of these people have decided to make their cat bed patterns available to others. Sometimes the patterns can be found for free, and sometimes for a minimal charge as most people offering these kinds of patterns aren't doing it as a business but just as a person giving other cat lovers options.

Even so, the question remains on whether or not you yourself should come up with your own cat bed pattern, or just go out and buy one! Let's take a look at the pros and cons for each side so you can decide for yourself.

Making your Own Cat Bed Pattern


You have the opportunity to come up with something that is one of a kind, you'll probably have a lot of fun doing it and your options are limitless. You'll also find that a project like this can be challenging, making the experience rewarding in the end. You'll also have an option of reselling your cat bed pattern if it's like enough.


Although you can come up with something unique, does that mean you really want to? It takes a lot of creativity and patience to create a pattern, let alone one for a cat bed. The supplies to create the bed once the pattern is complete can be pretty pricy too, so it's something to think about.

Buying a Ready Made Cat Bed Pattern


The pattern is done, no having to fuss with it. This means all you have to do is follow the pattern directions to create your cat bed. You can also use ready made cat bed patterns as a starting point, in order to add on to it and make it your own.


Because the cat bed pattern is already complete and even though you can customize it, you are limited in the amount of options you will have.