Barbie Cat Bed: Stimulating Your Child's Imagination On How to Take Care of Her Cat

Role playing is one of the best ways to teach children something. If your little daughter ask you for a cat for her birthday, it would be best for you to train your little daughter how to take care of the cat with the use of dolls and Barbie cat beds before you give her a real cat for a pet.

By giving your little daughter a doll and a Barbie cat bed to play make believe with, you can easily teach your little daughter the do's and don'ts when taking care of a real live cat. For instance, you can use the Barbie cat bed to educate your daughter on the importance of sleep and rest to the little kitten. Note that children are usually very excited about their pets that they have the tendency to play with their pets endlessly. To avoid exhausting the cat, you need to teach your daughter that cats need rest and they need to sleep too.

With the use of the Barbie cat bed, you can teach your daughter how to prepare the bed for the cat. Ask your daughter to make believe that she is preparing the Barbie cat bed for the day and let her go over the routine for a couple of days to get her used to the idea of making a bed for the cat. Make the experience enjoyable for your daughter so that she will look forward to the time when she has to make the Barbie cat bed.

Bringing Home The Cat

During the day when you are supposed to bring home the cat, ask your child to prepare the cat's bed just like she used to do when she play's make believe with the Barbie cat bed. Tell your child that the car will be tired from the trip to the pet shop and it will need to take some rest when it gets home so it is important that the bed is made properly.

After making sure that everything is ready for the cat, ask you daughter to go with you to the pet shop to fetch the cat. If you haven't chosen a cat previously, it would be a good idea for you to let your daughter choose which cat she likes. Note that children have some uncanny instincts when it comes to choosing pets so let your daughter choose which one she likes.