Cat Bed Can Breed Happy, Contented Pet

There is nothing like the sight of a happy, contented feline sleeping in its own cat bed, especially if it gives the cat's owner more room in their bed. While many cats will not be overly particular of what their cat bed is made, they do want it to be a comfortable where they can crawl into and sleep undisturbed. Rather like the way the human inhabitant of the house feels about his or her own bed.

A few things should be looked at when purchasing, or making a cat bed that will insure a happier sleep time for the cat and its owner. The bed or its mattress needs to be washable to reduce the possibility of housing fleas or other bugs and to help reduce the odor factor. While cats are excessively clean animals, if the cat bed cannot be washed on a regular basis it will develop an odor that will permeate through the house.

Many believe that cedar chips will keep the flea count down, but not every cat bed filled with cedar chips is going to be comfortable for the animal, nor will it be washable. Spraying the bed with deodorizer may help reduce the cat odor, but it may also make the cat return to the human's bed.

With Cats, Bed Size May Not Matter

When searching for a cat bed, consider the size of the cat and not the size of the bed. While cats tend to stretch often, they will seldom do so in their bed. Some of the most comfortable-looking cats in a bed are curled up against the sides, sometimes looking as though they had help begin stuffed into an undersized cat bed. Of course, if the cat is larger, making sure it has enough room to get and out of the bed will make it more comfortable at bedtime.

Houses with two or more cats may want to spring for a cat bed for each animal. That is not to say they will not try to crowd into the same one, but just knowing they have a place they can call their own, seems to make the cats happier. It should also be soft enough to provide comfort but firm enough, especially for older cats, to provide support if the feline develops arthritis or other feline related ailments.

Having the cat take naps in other areas of the home does not mean they do not appreciate the cat bed, rather they may have become tired and simply lied down for the nap where they were. If they sleep in the cat bed several nights during the week, they are happy with the choice.