The New Faces of Small Carpet Cleaners

In today's world, where everyone is turning towards the fast and convenient way of life, cleaning devices have revolutionized as well. Gone are the days of heavy, bulky vacuums, stowed away in the garage. Today, smaller carpet cleaners have taken center stage and proudly lead the industry of carpet cleaning.

Handheld vacuums have become a must for every household. These light weight, compact devices are the best way to get to hard to reach places, upholstery and more practical for cleaning the carpeting on staircases.

What's New in the Market Today?

Television advertising has brought the Shark powerful cordless cleaner to a new high. Just like seen on TV, this small carpet cleaner can pick anything from soggy cereal on a carpet to metal nuts on a hard floor. This piece of equipment comes in an upright position, but can be converted into the hand held type easily. Its wall hugging technology allows the vacuum to go into the tightest of spaces and ensure your carpet is clean from edge to edge.

The Dirt Devil WetnDry boasts of 14.4 volt powerful suction with cordless convenience. It comes with a Squeegee feature which cleans any type of wet mess, leaving the surface dry and clean. Its quick flip crevice tools and retractable brush allow proper cleaning of every nook and cranny.

The VacnGo vacuum has a high performance steel finish, but weighs only 3 pounds, allowing convenient use and storage. The special feature of this small carpet cleaner is that it never needs recharging and can be used whenever, wherever. It's sister device the VacnBlo claims to have the same efficacy with an added advantage of having an inflator / deflator which is used to blow air in to air mattresses, swimming pools, boats and other inflatable items.

The Kone hand held vacuum has focused on the aesthetic value of the small carpet cleaner. Having the same efficacy, this device has been designed in an elegant, sculptural form and is available in several appealing colors, like champagne, plum, steel blue and charcoal.

Apart from just vacuum carpet cleaners, hand held steamers are also available. The McCulloch handheld steamer is light weight, and small. It provides extra mobility with a 12 and a half foot power cord and is a powerful force against all kinds of stains on carpeting, floor mats as well as engines, wheels and car accessories. There are no chemical required and this small carpet cleaner is ready to use in minutes.

Small carpet cleaners have changed the face of the carpet cleaning industry. These lightweight, compact devices have made carpet cleaning a much easier process and helps keep your home safe, clean and dirt-free for longer