An Encounter with Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Being in a household with two soccer crazy boys, a dog and constant chaos, we all had our share of trips and bumps. But of all the household members, the greatest sufferer was our seven year old carpet. Constantly being bombarded with all soggy cereal, fizzy colas and doggy poop, it was time my carpet got a face lift.

I bumped into one of my prim and proper neighbors who just happened to mention she had got her carpet cleaned through a professional carpet cleaning service. She gave me a list of instructions to go through before letting anyone touch the carpet. This included, speaking to the professional carpet cleaner himself instead of the sales representative, and then requesting a practical demonstration along with a detailed explanation of the cleaning equipment.

She also suggested personally inspecting the equipment, reading the users manual and even the fine print on cleaning supplies! Not being that particular, I just went ahead and scheduled a visit by the professional carpet cleaning services.

The Day I Had My Carpet Cleaned

The day arrived earlier than I had planned and I was caught unprepared. The room was crowded with furniture and electronics and all sorts of rubbish. I was afraid the professional carpet cleaning service workers wouldn't be too happy about the mess, but I watched in awe as they carefully removed every piece of furniture and then started work on the carpet.

The workers of the professional carpet cleaning services tackled their job in a very organized way, giving special attention to the heavy traffic areas and the spots and spills in different places. The room was completed in twenty minutes straight and though I would rather wait, I was told that I could walk on the carpet with clean feet almost at once. In certain cases, due to the climate, carpets don't dry that easily, in such situations, air conditioning or heating can be used.

I had opted for the carpet protection treatment as well, but I wasn't sure what it was exactly. On of the workers explained that this way the carpet would resist re-soiling quickly. The chemicals used form a protective wrapping around the carpet fibers and this prevents it from being deeply soiled with dirt, water and even oil based spills.

I later learned that the professional carpet cleaning services provided, also included deodorizing services, water damage restoration services and even floor cleaning. The office was open 24 hours a day, through out the week and scheduling could also be done online.

Seeing the excellent quality of the professional carpet cleaning services, I thanked my stars I hadn't gone for the expensive portable cleaning machines. My sister had tried it once, the device was noisy, it leaked and was difficult to control. The carpet looked the same, at the end of all that work. The only thing new she got from the experience was a terrible backache.

I was extremely satisfied with the results. My carpet looked whiter and all the colors seemed brighter. Everyone deserves some pampering, once in a while, even if it is just a good old carpet.