Some Dos and Don'ts When Dealing With Professional Carpet Cleaners

Locating the best professional carpet cleaner is very important since it will depend on the type of service that you will be given since the service you get is only as good as the people who provide it. Before hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you need to take into account a few things such as obtaining references from friends and the industry Trade Organizations, and also checking out recommendations from the firm's previous customers.

Having done that, one can also check if there are any complaints against the professional carpet cleaners and this information is available in the local Government Consumers Office or the Bureau of Better Business. Once you have located the professional carpet cleaner, the next thing to do is to ascertain that the written guarantees and forms will specify the stains that may not be cleanable and once these terms are defined to your satisfaction you may proceed to get your carpet cleaned.

But, before doing so you may also need to ascertain the cleaning methods used, including whether they offer truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction, a mixture of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo or is it done through some other agitating device when needing to clean very extremely soiled carpets? Do they also offer carpet protector treatment, especially after the cleaning process?

More to Think About

A final sticking point that may need to be resolved at the outset is the pricing by the professional carpet cleaners. Don't get taken in by some too-good-to-be-true deals, and find out if there is some standardized pricing that the firm sets for its customers. In any case, the pricing usually depends on type of carpet, amount of soiling, cleaning method, amount of area that needs cleaning, and whether there are any add-ons requested. Is there moving of furniture involved as well as pick-up and delivery required, or will it be in-plant cleaning? Anther thing you should find out is whether the professional carpet cleaner is affiliated with a professional organization which may be offering technical training or support.

When dealing with a professional carpet cleaner, you should always accord him or her all the respect due to a professional and should ensure that one removes/raises hangings, curtains, valuables and chandeliers. Vacuum the carpet since the carpet cleaner may not do so. It is also necessary to point out in certain terms about any special services like truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction treatment that is required and this should be done in advance. Once the work has been done by the professional carpet cleaner, one should thoroughly inspect the finished product and pay only when satisfied.