Portable Carpet Cleaning Equipment To The Rescue

Whether a small area of carpet or a huge commercial rug, portable carpet cleaning equipment comes in a variety of sizes and uses to fit your needs. Whether it is a spotter machine for small areas or one with a capacity of several gallons of cleaners, there's one to tackle the job.

The keyword in portable carpet cleaning equipment is portable. There are different interpretations of what portable actually means. To some it means being able to pick a unit up in one hand and move it from place to place. To others, especially professional carpet cleaners, it means mounting to a vehicle and moving to different jobsites for use.

For small jobs requiring only a spotting type of portable carpet cleaning equipment, having the machine, whether a scrubber or extractor, can be portable enough to carry in the truck of a car. On the other end of the portable carpet cleaning equipment specter, are the units, which are truck-mounted, such as Stanley Steamer, which uses truck-mounted equipment for portability.

Residential And Commercial Equipment Can Be Moved

For home use by the homeowner, portable carpet cleaning equipment may include a steam cleaner with a built-in extractor to clean and remove cleaning liquids at the same time. Otherwise, two pieces of equipment may be used. One for scrubbing, or steam cleaning, and a separate extractor to remove moisture, allowing carpets to dry much quicker.

Commercial applications require the same type equipment, usually built for heavy duty use to last longer while being used more frequently. For some uses larger equipment, usually on wheels and some with self-propelled abilities, can be transported in a truck, unloaded for use, classifying them as portable carpet cleaning equipment.

However, portability is a subjective name as smaller units can be used to spot clean commercial carpets and larger units for whole-carpet cleansing. The homeowner will want portable carpet cleaning equipment that can be used and stored in a closet. In addition to scrubbers and steam cleaners, other portable carpet cleaning equipment include blowers to help dry the carpet and bucket heaters to keep liquids used in steam cleaners hot during use. These are especially helpful for large jobs involving larger portable carpet cleaning equipment.

Choosing the right equipment will depend on the job that is being attempted along with the ability of the user to use that equipment. Check around different companies and you're sure to find the right portable carpet cleaning equipment to help you out.