Get Your Rug Clean With A Hoover Carpet Cleaning Machine

There are many different machines on the market to keep your rugs clean and looking new, and a Hoover carpet cleaning machine can be useful in maintaining older carpets and keeping them looking like they were just installed.

Most carpet cleaners offer a single inverted "V" extractor to remove water from carpets. This configuration focuses the power from the center out. One of the better Hoover carpet cleaning machine offers a dual inverted "V" extractor to increase the suction power to remove more water faster, allowing quicker drying of the carpets.

The Hoover F7427-900 SteamVac Dual V® Carpet Extractor is available at around $300 and uses a 12 amp motor with six rotating cleaning brushes and utilizes a heated cleaning method to help with deep cleaning. It has a 13 inch cleaning width, one gallon storage tank and automatic rinse to help remove any liquid cleaners used. It is one of three Hoover carpet cleaning machines currently on the market.

Other Hoover carpet cleaning machines are the model F7222 and the F7452. The main differences are that the F7222 uses five spinning brushes for an 11 inch cleaning path and the F7452 utilizes six brushes for a 14 inch path. This is 20 percent wider meaning you can steam-clean the carpet 20 percent faster.

Dual "V" Design Extracts More Water

The unique design of a Hoover carpet cleaning machine is the dual inverted "V" extractor. It allows for more water to be extracted from the carpet by creating two centers of suction instead of the typical one. Since it leave less water in the carpet, it will dry faster.

Even when using a Hoover carpet cleaning machine, it's important to make sure the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed prior to scrubbing. Do not rely on the Hoover carpet cleaning machine to vacuum at the same time it cleans.

Another popular Hoover carpet cleaning machine is the commercial upright, which uses hot tap water mixed with the cleaning solution. It has a detachable handle for cleaning under furniture as well as a trigger control for dispensing cleaner. Prices on this unt can vary from $210 to just over $300 depending on the point of purchase.

Most of the Hoover carpet cleaning machines are used upright, but also come with attachments to allow for furniture cleaning as well. Whether you're looking for a steam cleaner or a shampoo scrubber for large area or small rug, you can find a Hoover carpet cleaning machine to fit your household or business.