The Ever Changing World of Hoover Carpet Cleaners

In 1960, James Murray Spangler designed a new device to clean carpets, known as a vacuum cleaner. He sold this idea to his cousin Hoover and the rest is history. Today, Hoover has become a household name and is often used as a synonym for vacuum cleaning. Hoover carpet cleaners are constantly evolving to reach greater heights in the carpet cleaning industry.

All Your Carpet Cleaning Needs in One Machine

Hoover carpet cleaners understand the technology behind effective carpet cleaning and therefore, their products are state-of-the-art as well as easy to use and practical.

The new SteamVac cleaner has a Dual V system, which concentrates water suction into two paths, leading to edge to edge cleaning. The Spinscrub brushes, which are part of this machine, are powerful, rotating brushes, which remove dirt and grime from deep inside the carpet.

Another steam cleaner from the Hoover Company is the Commercial Steam Spotter which is ideal for attacking spots and stains on the carpet. Special features include an automatic height adjuster and hand release which allows it to clean under furniture and other hard to reach areas.

Each Hoover carpet cleaner is manufactured, keeping the smallest detail in mind. Apart from having all the features of a commercially built vacuum, the Commercial Carpet Shampoo Vacuum has a 70 decibel noise level which makes it low enough to use in healthcare facilities and nursing homes. There are electronic sensors which alert the user when it's time for a belt or a bag change and it has a rigid bag basket which retains shape and provides maximum bag capacity.

The Hoover carpet cleaners have a wide variety of products such as vacuums with allergen filters and systems which disinfect and re-release clean air for a safer, healthier environment. Hoover carpet cleaners are also available in cordless slider models, which are ultra-slim and fold flat for easy storage.

Along with the machines, the Hoover carpet cleaner family also provides their own detergents, which are specific for pet stains, upholstery care, removing odors and also serve floor and grout cleaning purposes.

Hoover carpet cleaner manufacturers pride their products on being fast, effective and practical for all household cleaning needs. The machines are compact and convenient for storage, while being powerful dirt busters when in use. With each new piece of equipment, the Hoover Company is trying to improve on the previous vacuum, to provide complete satisfaction to their loyal customers.