Dry Carpet Cleaning Equipment Avoids Liquid Mess

Looking for a mean of cleaning your carpets without all the liquid chemicals, which can cause spots to reappear as it dries, you may consider dry carpet cleaning equipment as a dryer, cleaner alternative.

While the cleaners used in dry carpet cleaning equipment may still be wet, they generally use a carbonating cleaner to remove stains. Similar to using a club soda on stains in clothing, these carbonating cleaners are used sparingly to break down the dirt and stains in a carpet and are then extracted to be virtually dry immediately after cleaning.

A company called ChemDry,, has perfected this method of cleaning and several franchises are locate throughout the company to help make their dry carpet cleaning equipment available for cleaning your carpets. You can have it cleaned in the morning and use it that night.

No Soapy Liquids Left Behind

Typical carpet cleaners use water and liquid detergents to clean. What really happens is that they leave a wet soapy residue to dry on the rug. This wetness becomes a main attraction for dirt and often pulls dirt from under the rug to bring stains to the surface. Another company using dry carpet cleaning equipment is at which uses Swedry cleaners of clean and leave the carpet dry in a matter of minutes.

Since nearly all carpet dirt, an estimated 85 percent, can be removed by vacuuming, this process uses a moistened granular cleaner to get to remaining 15 percent, usually comprised of grease and oils. Using dry carpet cleaning equipment the rug is thoroughly vacuumed before the granules are applied. They break down and absorb the oily dirt and then are vacuumed up with the dry carpet cleaning equipment and removed.

Because the granules are moistened and not wet, the carpet is ready for use at about the same time the dry carpet cleaning equipment is done doing its job. The big secret to dry carpet cleaning equipment is the vacuuming process. By removing all loose dirt from a carpet with a quality vacuum cleaner before using any dry carpet cleaning equipment increase your chance of success at achieving a cleaner, healthier carpet.

While some people insist a carpet isn't clean unless it has been saturated with wet chemical cleaners, dry carpet cleaning is fast becoming a trend. The ability to clean only a high traffic section of a carpet and blend it in with the rest of the areas or reducing downtime associated with wet carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning equipment use is growing at a rapid pace.