Chem Dry Carpet Cleaners: Removes Stains Permanently

Knowing that your carpet is clean deep down will surely make the owner rest easy, and for a suitable company that can provide such clean carpets one need not look beyond Chem dry carpet cleaners. Unlike the run of the mill carpet cleaning companies that are found in abundance, Chem dry carpet cleaners don't just clean the tips of the carpet nor pressure wash the dirt beneath the surface to temporarily make the carpet look clean. They in fact, actually promise to remove the dirt as well as other unhealthy elements that may be present in the carpet.

What to Look Forward To

Chem dry carpet cleaners promise drier, healthier clean carpets thanks to the millions of microscopic carbonating cleaning bubbles in their cleaner which they term as The Natural. These carbonating solutions can reach deep down to the base of the carpet and quite literally explode the dirt as well as grime off the surface of the carpet's fiber. After that, Chem dry carpet cleaners use hot water extraction to pull out the dirty particles up to the surface from where they get whisked away and leave the carpet looking clean and new, once again. This principle is much like using club soda to remove stains from a shirt and has been perfected by Chem dry carpet cleaners.

Another major selling point which advantages using Chem dry carpet cleaners is that the carpets do not just get clean but also remain clean for longer. This may be attributed to the fact that the bubbles do the work and so obviates the need for using heavy concentrations of soapy cleaning chemicals and besides, soapy residues are like magnets - they attract dirt, rather than repel them and that would cause the carpet to become dirtier much quicker and the more cleaning that is required the more the problem gets exacerbated.

The primary cleaner used by Chem dry carpet cleaners do not contain soaps, detergents or surfactants and thus enables their customers to save money because the carpets stay cleaner longer and the fewer the cleanings required, the better value for the customer and one less worry for them, as well.

Sometimes a spot will reappear in the same place after cleaning and there are two reasons for this - they were not thoroughly cleaned to begin with and the process of cleaning that had been used simply pushed the dirt down below the carpet's surface only for it to resurface as the carpet dries out later. However, with Chem dry carpet cleaners, who use the carbonated carpet cleaner, the stain would be thoroughly removed without further problems.