Types of Carpet Cleaning Services

You have a stain, now what do you do with it? You have scrubbed it with everything under the sun and still the stubborn stain is still staring you right in the eye. It's time to get down and dirty with that Mr. Stain and call in the professionals. Now you know you need to call someone but what types of carpet cleaning services are out there? Which one is right for you and your Mr. Stain? There are many types of carpet cleaning services out there so lets take a deeper look as to what your choices are.


There are carpet cleaning services that offer shampooing. This is where they apply some type of chemical detergent solution and then "scrubbed in" with a carpet-cleaning machine. They solution is then extracted from the carpet leaving your carpet looking and smelling fresher than before. These types of carpet cleaning services are good for quick fixes but the stains tend to come back after the detergents effects expire. You may want to check what chemicals they are using and how harmful constant use would be to your carpet. You want to keep the life of your carpet for as long as you can without breaking down the fibers from excessive chemicals or cleaning.

Another form of carpet cleaning services is dry cleaning. This is a favored method, as you do not have to wait for the carpet to dry. Carpet cleaning services apply a layer of powder with special cleaning agents that attract the dirt. This powder must be worked into the carpet and then thoroughly vacuumed up. There is also the foam carpet cleaning which is similar to the dry cleaning method. This method uses a very small amount of water and foam and is also worked into the carpet. Once the foam has dried it must be vacuumed away as the dry cleaning method.

The type of carpet cleaning service that is most used in commercial places is the bonnet cleaning method. This type of carpet cleaning service works best on industrial carpeting so this is not commonly seen in residential homes. Perhaps the most common used carpet cleaning service is the steam cleaning method. This method utilizes hot water to clean the carpet in combination with detergent, then it extracts the water, dirt and detergent back out of the carpet with intense suction. Choosing the right service is simple just know what and how big your stain is, this makes the choice very simple.