Which Carpet Cleaner is Right for You?

If you thought deciding on what carpet to buy was tough, the choice of a carpet cleaner is tougher. Just as there are a variety of carpets, differing in material, color and style, there are a variety of carpet cleaners, varying in power, convenience and methods of cleaning.

Believe it or not, the regular vacuum cleaner comes in seven standard types. The upright and canister types are the most common. Then we have the backpack carpet cleaner, the built in vacuum, the hand held vacuum, the wet/dry type and the robotic carpet cleaner. Each type is specially designed to serve different purposes.

A Carpet Cleaner Designed Specially For You

The choice of a carpet cleaner depends on several factors, including the user, the type of carpet and the different areas to be cleaned around the house. A senior citizen, for example, should go for the light weight, compact vacuums whereas a mother of messy toddlers should go for the heavy duty, powerful steam vacuums which clean the carpet from deep within.

Certain individuals suffer from various allergies. For these people, harsh chemicals from detergents and shampoos are a severe threat to their health. New technology has allowed the development of allergen filters which are specially made to target dust mites and other allergens. The cyclone system of carpet cleaners uses air filters which disinfect and release clean air into the environment.

The mechanism of the carpet cleaner should also be kept in mind. The devices which use liquid based cleaning are good for steam cleaning. On the other hand, powder based cleaning devices are also widely used. This dry powder method can be used for carpets with silk fibers or other soft, natural fibers. Strong chemicals or hard brushes at high speeds, may damage the carpet, instead of cleaning it. Carpets made of coarse synthetic fibers, however, can be treated with any shampoo.

Certain cleaning devices are made for the obsessive cleaner, who wants to reach every nook and cranny. Some new carpet cleaners are lightweight, compact, and flexible and have extra accessories which help reach under the furniture and behind book cases.

Hand held vacuums have now become part of every household. They are a must for homes with little kids, who enjoy throwing things on to the floor. Several of these hand held vacuums effectively clean floors as well, making it an all purpose device.

When starting to shop for a carpet cleaner, don't limit your options. Spend some time researching the item, until you find the perfect piece of equipment. Just like a good pair of shoes, the carpet cleaner should fit right and feel right, because this machine will be with you for a long time.