Western Caribbean Honeymoon Cruises offer Romance in a Tropical Setting

As cruising has become a popular pastime for a variety of people, more and more newlyweds are hunting for the perfect honeymoon at sea. One good choice in this department is a western Caribbean honeymoon cruise that will offer you a variety of ports to explore along with the relaxation and luxury that are combined so well on cruise ships today. Whether you are looking for a trip filled with adventure and activity, or plenty of time basking in the sun together, a western Caribbean honeymoon cruise is a great way to begin married life together. In fact, the hardest part about planning your western Caribbean honeymoon cruise may be in selecting the best cruise line and itinerary to meet your individual tastes and preferences, given the amount of choice that is available for this type of trip.

Princess Cruise Line is filled to the Brim with Romance

When a couple considers a cruise line for its romance factor, Princess Cruises will most definitely come to mind. After all, this is the only company that can boast about its identity as the original "Love Boat," as seen on the popular television program in the 1970's. The other factor that makes Princess Cruises unique in the romance department is that this is the only line that will actually allow you to be married at sea by the ships captain. This means that you can enjoy your wedding and honeymoon in one romance-packed adventure with a western Caribbean honeymoon cruise by Princess Cruises. The ship, the "Caribbean Princess" offers a seven day package that alternates between the eastern and western Caribbean itineraries.

Royal Caribbean will Offer Fun and Adventure for an Action-Packed Honeymoon

For those who prefer adventure to romance, Royal Caribbean will be sure to fit the bill. You won't even have to disembark from the ship to indulge in activities like rock climbing, ice skating and miniature golf. A western Caribbean honeymoon cruise will also pack in a variety of ports of call that will allow you the chance to enjoy snorkeling, horseback riding or historical sight-seeing. This cruise line will not allow you to forget the romance and luxury of your vacation entirely, since your evenings can be spent enjoying high quality dining and entertainment. For plenty of choices in activities, a western Caribbean honeymoon cruise by this cruise line might be the right choice for you.

No matter which cruise line and itinerary you select for your western Caribbean honeymoon cruise, you will undoubtedly enjoy the vacation of a lifetime during this very special time of life. Call your travel agent today to book your western Caribbean honeymoon cruise. There is no doubt that you will be glad you did.