Southern Caribbean Cruises offer plenty of Sand and Sun

Cruising has become a popular pastime today, and the Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for first-time and experienced cruisers alike. One of the reasons is that many cruise lines send a number of ships down to this area of the world, making a Caribbean cruise one of the more economical on the market. If you are considering setting sail for your next vacation, the Caribbean may be the exact tropical spot that you have your eye on. But which part of the Caribbean would suit your fancy? Most cruise liner separate this collection of islands into the south, east and western regions, and plan itineraries around one of these areas. All of the parts of the Caribbean offer their own brand of fun and excitement, but for many, the beautiful destinations offered in a southern Caribbean cruise will fit the bill the best.

What Islands make up a Southern Caribbean Cruise?

Your itinerary will greatly depend upon the cruise line that you select, but many of the popular spots on a southern Caribbean cruise include St. Lucia, Barbados, Aruba and Curacao. You have probably heard of at least one or two of these islands, since most are popular resort spots for tourists and cruisers alike. Many southern Caribbean cruises depart from San Juan, allowing you an opportunity to explore this island before or after your cruise as well. With so many beautiful sight-seeing possibilities and a number of opportunities to play as you like in the sun and sand, a southern Caribbean cruise will whet the appetite of just about any taste and preference.

How to Select a Cruise Line for your Southern Caribbean Cruise

Since nearly all cruise lines offer voyages down to this area of the world, your choice of a southern Caribbean cruise will be plentiful and diverse. You can choose your ship based on the specific itinerary it includes, the activities and entertainment that is offered onboard, or a combination of the two. Recommendations from friends are a great way to select a cruise line if you are a first-time cruiser. Another good resource that can help you select your southern Caribbean cruise is a travel agent that specializes in this sort of travel. In fact, a travel agent can be an excellent source of information for the first time cruiser, offering advice on what to pack, how to dress, and where to go for the biggest bang for your cruising buck.

Cruising has become a popular vacation option for a number of reasons today. Once you have set sail on your southern Caribbean cruise, you will see why this industry has become such a booming business.