Royal Caribbean Mexico Cruises Are Spectacular

Royal Caribbean Mexico cruises head for an enchanted land on luxury liners with great food and exciting activities. Royal Caribbean Mexico cruises also leave from magnificent ports so passengers can have an interesting time before and after leaving the luxury liners. The Royal Caribbean Mexico cruises leave from Los Angeles and San Diego, California to several destinations south of the border in Mexico. The Royal Caribbean Mexico cruises stop in several cities along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The destinations of Royal Caribbean Mexico cruises are the most beautiful locations in all of Mexico.

The Royal Caribbean Mexico cruises include a special tour that leaves the port of Los Angeles on a ship with great food and fun activities. The accommodations on this cruise ship are luxurious and comfortable. The food is abundant and delicious for all of the guests on the luxury liner. The first destination is the magnificent port of Cabo San Lucas with breathtaking views of the Baja Peninsula. Guests from this Royal Caribbean Mexico cruise can participate in the wonderful water activities including snorkeling or sport fishing. The beach community of Cabo San Lucas is a great place to do some shopping or spend some time in the sunshine.

Royal Caribbean Mexico Cruises Visit Magnificent Beaches

One Royal Caribbean Mexico cruise leaves America's finest city, San Diego, California where the zoo is the best in the world. The city is also home to Sea World which is a great show for adults and children. The Royal Caribbean Mexico cruise arrives in Ensenada after a stop on Catalina Island. The city of Ensenada has beautiful shops with intriguing items in every one. The food is great in the sunny city on the Baja Peninsula. The cantinas are lively places where people gather to eat, drink and socialize. There are some interesting tourist sites including an old prison which now houses a museum.

Royal Caribbean Mexico cruises begin in two exciting American cities to travel to some of the best places in Mexico. The weather in all of the cities along the way is the best in the world. All of those on these cruises will experience beautiful weather in all of the ports of call. The winter months in all of these cities are warm and inviting for those who want to escape the gloomy weather in other places. The best way to see these fascinating places and enjoy the sunshine is definitely on a cruise ship from Royal Caribbean.