What to Know about Royal Caribbean Cruises before you Board

If you are getting ready to set sail on your first Royal Caribbean cruise, you might be feeling a tad overwhelmed about how to prepare for this vacation. Between nights spent in a formal dining atmosphere and days spent in the sand and sun, it might seem like you need to pack everything but the kitchen sink to be ready for every leg of your journey. The first step in preparing for your cruise is to relax, and know that there are plenty of resources to tell you everything you need to know about your Royal Caribbean cruise before you board. The key is in arming yourself with some information that will help you to prepare for your voyage as if you had been sailing on these mega-ships your entire life.

What to Pack

This is usually one of the first things that passengers want to know about a Royal Caribbean cruise before they board. First, make sure that you have a small carry-on to take with you when you board the ship, since you may not see your luggage until later in the evening. The good news is that those suitcases will be brought right to the door of your stateroom when they do arrive! Your carry-on should include travel documents and medications, as well as a change of clothes - just in case. It is also a good idea to toss a bathing suit into this bag, since you might want to take a swim while you are waiting for your cabin to be ready.

Daytime attire on a cruise ship generally consists of shorts and t-shirts, but if you want to go a little less casual with a sundress or polo shirt, that's acceptable as well. Stick with low-heeled shoes to make walking the deck safe, and make sure that you have comfortable walking shoes for exploring the islands that you will be docking at. Pants are recommended for the ice skating rink, and appropriate workout clothing will be best for the fitness center and rock wall. Bring along more than one bathing suit also, so that you will always have a dry one available for the pool area. If you have an idea of the types of activities you want to participate in, you will be better prepared for your Royal Caribbean cruise before you board.

Dinnertime will require dressier attire, and the specifics for the various nights can be found on the Royal Caribbean website. It is good to study the dress code so that you are well familiar with what is required by Royal Caribbean Cruises before you board. It is also important to pack a hat, sunscreen and a camera to take full advantage of the fun that you will have in the sand and surf on the islands. By getting plenty of information about Royal Caribbean cruises before you board, you will be able to pack accordingly and board your ship ready for anything.