For the Ultimate in Royal Caribbean Cruises, Australia is the Destination of Choice

When most people consider a cruise vacation, the most common destinations that come to mind are the Caribbean, Bahamas and perhaps Mexico. However, cruising is not just about fun under the sun, it can also be an opportunity to explore ports of call that you might not otherwise ever visit. One example of a cruise destination that fits this bill is the new Royal Caribbean cruise to Australia that will begin later this year. The itineraries for a Royal Caribbean cruise to Australia will generally run about fourteen days in duration, and begin at the departure port of Sydney Australia. There are a number of interesting ports of call to explore on one of these vacations, including cities in New Zealand as well as Australia. This is a wonderful way of packing and unpacking only once while exploring the entire coastline of these two fun and exciting areas of the South Pacific.

Finding a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Australia

Since Royal Caribbean Australian cruises will be a new destination of choice this year, there are only a few ships scheduled to sail there thus far. You can find these cruises on the Royal Caribbean website, or through your travel agent. The cruises require that you fly to Sydney, Australia to begin your voyage, and the prices run in the $4000 range per person, since the cruise lasts for as long as two weeks. Keep in mind that this price includes all of your food, accommodations and much of your entertainment throughout that two-week period. While the price may seem high at first, the amount that you get for your money will make your cruise vacation a good value for you overall.

Preparing for your Royal Caribbean Australia Cruise

This region of the world rarely sees snow, but it can have damp and chilly days throughout the winter months which run from June to August. Summer in Australia is in December through February, and can also be rather wet as well as hot and humid. Dress for the daytime activities is usually cruise casual, meaning polo shirts, shorts, khakis and jeans are perfectly acceptable. It is also a good idea to bring along some rain gear as well as a light sweater for chillier days and nights. Evening wear on a cruise ship is fairly consistent no matter what the destination, and includes jackets and ties for men much of the time and dresses and pantsuits for women. The most important item to remember to pack for your cruise however is that all important camera to capture the wonderful memories that you will be making on your Royal Caribbean Australian cruise.