Royal Caribbean Cruise Problems - Price, Customer Service and Hurricanes

There are a number of advantages to taking a Royal Caribbean cruise which should endear travelers to it. However, as with everything good, Royal Caribbean cruises also have problems even though you would still like their staterooms as well as the general ship layout. The variety of entertainment as well as other activities are also well worth paying for.

Some travelers aboard the Royal Caribbean however, do have complaints that form a part of the Royal Caribbean cruise problems, and these pertain to the food which is not as good as they expected it to be. You may also not be too pleased with the service in their splendid dining rooms when compared with those found on other cruise lines. People spend a lot of money on a cruise as compared to a weekend stay at a motel, so they expect it to be a much more luxurious and relaxing experience.

Poor Customer Service

Probably, the one thing that stands out most amongst the list of negatives is one of the main Royal Caribbean cruises problem areas and that is the lack of proper customer service. This is an area of operation in which the Royal Caribbean staff may be at fault as people that have traveled on board the Royal Caribbean have often found the quality of service given to them to be much below standard.

Another Royal Caribbean cruise problem is that of the high prices charged as compared to other cruise companies. This has led Royal Caribbean to offer deals on many of their trips to the Caribbean that are tempting frequent travelers to avail of discounts after their third or fourth cruise. But, with its new mega-ship called the Freedom of the Seas, Royal Caribbean is also able to get travelers away from competing cruise companies.

Nevertheless, Royal Caribbean cruise problems don't seem to be getting any less, and there was even the freak incidence of a certain George Smith of Greenwich, Conn. disappearing when traveling on a Royal Caribbean ship in the Mediterranean on his honeymoon!

There are still other Royal Caribbean cruise problems besotting this cruise liner, and among them is that the prices sometimes fluctuate widely leaving the traveler doubtful if he got a good deal. With the likes of Hurricane Frances, two Royal Caribbean cruise lines have taken hits to their profitability thus compounding the Royal Caribbean cruises problems even further.