3 Great Tips for Cheap Cruises in the Bahamas or Caribbean

A tropical cruise is one of the most luxurious vacations you can take, with wonderful amenities in the sun and exciting, beautiful ports of call. But for many, the dream of a cruise may seem like it can never become a reality. It's true that cruises can seem like expensive trips to take, but with a few tricks that other savvy travelers use, you'll be able to take cheap cruises to the Bahamas or Caribbean without breaking the bank. They key is in knowing when to go and what to get when you're looking for cheap cruises in the Bahamas or Caribbean.

Pick the Right Season

When you go looking for cheap cruises in the Bahamas or the Caribbean, one of the most important things you can do is to pick the right time to go. For the Bahamas or Caribbean, cheap cruises will be found if you go if you choose times when others don't want to go. These slow times, called low seasons, occur in late spring, before school lets out and families go on vacations, and in the early autumn, when people are back from summer vacation and are not yet going on another trip.

Keep in mind that the second low season coincides with hurricane season, so there's a chance that, while you'll find cheap cruises in the Bahamas or Caribbean, you may also find your ship diverted to alternate ports to get around bad weather.

Pick a Smaller Cabin

The cabins on cruise ships can be pretty nice if you want, with a window that looks out onto the sea and a lot of space. But let's be honest, the point of a cruise is to enjoy the amenities of ship, shore, and sea, so a good way to save is to get an interior cabin instead. Interior cabins tend to be smaller and you don't get a window at all, but it's an easy way to save and get cheap cruises in the Bahamas or Caribbean.

Be Careful With Your Bookings

If you want cheap cruises in the Bahamas and Caribbean, particularly if it's your first cruise, pick your cruise based on the price and not the itinerary. While you might want to see a certain port or set of ports, the fact is that you still have fun in the tropics while visiting alternate ports that might cost less. Again, if this is your first cruise ever, then you'll still be having great new experiences, no matter where you go.

Similarly, you're likely to save money on your cruise if you pick and purchase your own airline tickets. Cruise lines will be happy to book your flights for you, but they'll also pick the time you fly out and back and the day you'll fly out. While sometimes you can save on such a package deal, you might also find that you save even more money by picking your own flight. Check out the flight deals for just before you're set to leave port and you might find another way to save. Remember, any combination of these ideas will add to your savings, and in turn result in fun and cheap cruises to the Bahamas or Caribbean.