Great Destinations for West Caribbean Cruises

Little brings images of fun in the sun to a person more than the idea of a luxurious Caribbean cruise. What is so great about the Caribbean area is that there is a huge mix of cultures and places to see, depending on where you decide to cruise. If you cruise in the East Caribbean, you have many islands to choose from.

In contrast, West Caribbean cruises go through waters with perhaps fewer islands, but give access to a number of different cultures, as well as the fun to be had in Mexico and Latin America. If you haven't considered West Caribbean cruises before, there are a number of things you're missing out on.

Grand Cayman Island

One frequent stop on West Caribbean cruises is Grand Cayman Island, a place that is still a dependency of Great Britain. If you cruise to here, expect clear waters and plenty of sun. This is a favorite destination for divers; so if you plan to snorkel or scuba dive, the reefs here will give you plenty of great seascapes to look at.

One benefit of West Caribbean cruises to Grand Cayman Island is that as an English colony, there will be no language barrier for you, which makes shopping and sightseeing easy to do. The people who live here are polite, and as tourism makes up most of the country's income, you'll be dealing with people who know how to provide great service.


Another favored destination for West Caribbean cruises, thanks to the great diving and beaches, is Cozumel, Mexico's largest island. The coral reefs here are renowned for their beauty and shouldn't be missed. You also get to enjoy a different culture than on Grand Cayman Island, with Mexico's beautiful language and great food for you to benefit from.

The island is also a place of history, with Maya ruins and the remains of colonial Spanish settlements providing areas of interest for those studying history. In more recent history, this island was struck by two hurricanes in 2005, doing great damage. As a testament to the hard work of the people here, reconstruction has been swift, with much already accomplished.

Other Places

With other small islands and Latin America close by, there are plenty of options for West Caribbean cruises. If you go further south, you can make a stop in Costa Rica, known for its lush rainforests and vibrant fauna. Honduras and Nicaragua also make great alternate destinations, allowing you to experience Hispanic cultures that have a slightly different flavor than that of Mexico. And nestled off the coast of Latin America are other small islands, each with something to offer. With a little research, you'll be sure to find several West Caribbean cruises that appeal to you!