Caribbean Sailing Cruises Are More Unique

When people think of going on a cruise, they usually imagine a large ocean liner with many decks. However, a cruise can be taken on ships that range in size from large to small.

Rather than spend their time on a floating hotel that can make you feel removed from the water, some people choose to take Caribbean sailing cruises instead, spending time on a smaller ship that allows them to feel even more a part of the sea. If you haven't heard of or haven't considered the idea of taking Caribbean sailing cruises before, there are some great things that will make such a cruise a memorable experience.

Smaller Ships, Personal Attention

The smaller size of ships for Caribbean sailing cruises naturally means a smaller group of people on the ship. So, instead of sharing your experience with over 1,000 people on a traditional cruise ship, you can spend time with a fraction of that, which can better help to foster friendships and allow you to have more personal attention from the ship crew. Some people might not like this idea, but it can be easier to socialize while not being in a sea of faces, and Caribbean sailing cruises can give you the right environment for that.

Because smaller ships are available, you also have more options in cruises. You can charter small ships for Caribbean sailing cruises and enjoy an even more personal experience as well. Despite this, ships of all sizes often have amenities that make cruising more comfortable and fun, from fantastic meals to shops in exotic ports of call. Even ships with less than 100 passengers will often offer packages that include island tours, snorkeling, and other activities.

Close to the Action, Close to Nature

The smaller size of the ships for Caribbean sailing cruises means that you'll feel less removed from the actual cruising part of the trip. You'll be able to stand on deck and watch the crew at work, sailing the ship, and you'll feel the rolling of the waves as your ship cuts through the water. For those who really want to feel as if they're out at sea, this can be an interesting and exciting experience.

Some Caribbean sailing cruises are on ships that actively encourage you to enjoy the beauty of nature and of the sea, even allowing passengers to stretch out on the top deck to sleep where they can see the stars. So before you book passage on a luxury liner; give some thought to trying a Caribbean sailing cruise instead and have a more unique experience.