Affordable Cruises to the Caribbean - 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

For many people, a cruise is the ultimate example of a luxurious vacation, with a week or two spent enjoying comfortable accommodations, sun, and sand. However, it can also seem like an unattainable thing to have as well. However, cruises to the Caribbean are more affordable than ever before, with more people flocking to cruise ships and the internet serving as a better way to find low prices for fun cruises.

But those who have been on cruises before will tell you that finding a low price on a cruise ticket is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cost of a cruise. However, there are ways to prevent affordable cruises to the Caribbean turning into something that puts you far into debt. There are some pitfalls you can avoid.

Party Moderately

A cruise ship has plenty of amenities for you to enjoy, from well-stocked bars to theaters and casinos for you to have fun at. But the use of some of these amenities can quickly add to the cost of your trip. In particular, buying a few drinks can add up quickly, especially since they will charge the alcohol to your cabin rather than have you pay for it in a way that will allow you to keep track of your expenses. To keep affordable cruises to the Caribbean from turning into expensive ones, start by limiting how much alcohol you drink on your trip.

The casino is another place where you need to watch your cash. You'll have to pay with actual money there, but it's easy to get caught up in the fun of gambling. Keep costs down by budgeting for the casino before your trip and spending a set amount of your budget each day. Stretch that budget further by playing the less expensive tables, and you'll enjoy your gambling money for a longer time.

Be Independent off the Ship

Many cruises will include several stops at beautiful port locations in the Caribbean. However, these stops can be temptations to spend and to make affordable cruises to the Caribbean into costly ones. Your cruise company will probably offer sightseeing tours and other activities, but at a cost. These stops can often add a lot more cost to your trip. But by researching your destinations beforehand and arranging your own personal sightseeing, you can save a bundle on tours. In this case, a sense of independence will help keep your money in your pockets, where it belongs.

Save In the Gift Shop

Another amenity on the cruise ship that may seem tempting is the gift shop, where clothing, jewelry, and other items can be purchased to remind you of your trip. But in order to keep your cruises to the Caribbean affordable, try to stay away from the gift shop, and save a few more bucks. If you do feel that you must purchase something, wait until the last day of the cruise, since the gift shop is likely to discount items then.

Beyond these tips, if you simply remind yourself to enjoy the cruise for its own sake, and just enjoy the amenities that are free, you will be able to experience affordable cruises to the Caribbean without putting yourself in debt.