Unusual Gifts Are Stalwart Of Holidays

When it comes to gift giving imagination plays a major role as people many times go out of their way to find unusual gifts so they can be remembered. Many will shun tradition when they have to buy a present for someone and look for that one item that will stand out in the recipient's memory.

There is no shortage of ideas for unusual gifts such as a pair or arms and hands, stuffed with cloth, to give the person a hug. Typically made of cotton with hand held together with Velcro fasteners, they can be placed around a person's neck to serve as pillow while providing a tender hug, just from you.

For the person who works in an office and has their own workspace there is the "Pimp my cubicle" kit consisting of gold plated push pins, a paperweight shaped like a dollar sign and other humorous items to make their office cubicle unique. For the ladies on your list, other unusual gifts include the Victoria's Rejects catalogue of unavailable items for those who are rapidly approaching middle age.

Unique Gifts To Keep Them Busy

Keeping with timely trends, unusual gifts can also give people something to do while they are waiting. For example, the roll of Sudoku toilet paper has a different Sudoku number puzzle on each sheet to be worked while they sit around. You might also include a pencil on a string so they can keep it close by to work on the puzzles.

To be truly memorable, unusual gifts should be those the person has not seen prior to opening your package. From children, gift certificates can work as unusual gifts, specifying a willingness to perform certain chores parents may have difficulty getting them to do on a regular basis. Such as washing dishes, helping cook supper or vacuuming the house, the coupons can be computer generated and placed in an envelope as a gift.

T-shirts often make some of the most unusual gifts with personalized saying on them such as "If my (name of dog breed here) doesn't like I won't either" can make taunting gift to someone who owns that breed of dog. Cat sayings are also popular as unusual gifts as are those depicting other animals.

Personalized items also make unusual gifts such as a person who makes their own wine, or other drink, you can have labels printed with their name along with the fun name of a fake company like Willy's Wine, for instance, for them to place on their bottles.