Thank You Cards: Expressing Your Expression

For some people it can appear to be a very daunting task; the writing of the thank you cards. The festivities are over, the gifts have been opened, and now it is time to sit down and pen a heartfelt note to those who were kind enough to shower you with a present.

You do not have to be Ernest Hemingway to experience the pangs of writer's block. It is especially common when you are searching the cosmos (or your brain) for a few inspirational words.

Thank you cards seem to be the most difficult to write; you want the recipient to know how appreciative and touched you are. However, like most others, you do not want your note to sound contrived or be a "cookie cutter" response.

Properness And The Use Of Shrimp Forks

Another concern you may have is in regards to time; there are definitely rules of etiquette for thank you cards. What is the appropriate amount of time that may pass before you risk being pointed at and blacklisted for your gratitude tardiness? The simple answer is as soon as possible. For those who need something more specific, two to three weeks is generally the accepted period of time you have to get those thank you cards out.

If you are having some difficulty with wording your notes of thanks, consider incorporating an inspirational quote or saying. The sonnets by Shakespeare have long been a treasure trove greeting cards, speeches, and lovesick hopeless romantics. You may prefer something with more religious undertones. The book of Psalms in the Bible is filled with very eloquent and appropriate verses that you can utilize.

A Few Tips Of The Trade

1) Add a personal touch to your thank you cards. Choose note cards or stationary that shows off your unique personality.

2) Be sure to make mention of the gift in your note. If it is an article of clothing, you might add how versatile and useful the item is.

3) Avoid pre-printed thank you notes, unless you are a newlywed with a long guest list. Your guests will understand, but be sure sign each one and write in the address yourself.

4) Honesty is always the best policy, but tact is a good sidekick to have. Be respectful of the giver, even if you did not like said gift. Thank them for thinking of you, sign it and be done. This is a situation that can get very sticky very fast.