Keep Away from Printable Birthday Cards

Printable birthday cards are cheap and tacky. They may be convenient and sometimes funny, but they refute the whole purpose of giving someone a card. The thought that you actually went and chose a card to send someone is what really matters. If time is of the essence, send an e-card, but don't use a printable birthday card as an excuse for not remembering an occasion.

Arts and Crafts

If you're in to crafts and feel like a printable birthday card will be more fun to embellish; leave that for your kids to do. Printing out a birthday card and letting the kids go wild with glitter glue, beads and sequins in fine for 5 year olds. If you are so inclined toward an artistic card, make it from scratch. Gather some supplies, some inspiration online or at scrapbook or crafts stores and really make your greeting stand out.


The other downside of printable greeting cards is that the good ones don't really work out cheaper but they look it! Factor in the amount of colored ink that a nice card takes and you would have been better off getting something from Factory Card and Party Outlet for 59 cents! The price wouldn't be at the back of the card unlike Hallmark and the others and you would still be saving some dough.

This holds true especially if one color is predominant in your printable birthday card. Say it has a beach theme and there is a lot of blue in the card. Your printable birthday card may run through the printer but the blue may get switched to another color if your color cartridge is low on ink. Good quality cartridges aren't cheap, so you may have to replace the entire cartridge because you needed too much blue for a printable birthday card.

Apart from making it the base for your children's art work, another way you can use printable birthday cards is just by copying and pasting a cute graphic, font or message and printing that portion only to put on your hand made card. That way you have something you spent time on plus a little help from a professional artist or writer.

If sending cards on time is one of your weaknesses; stock up on all-occasion blank cards or a few for every occasion and set up a reminder on your computer. This way, you will not have to resort to a cheap printable birthday card on the eve of your loved ones big day.