Photo Christmas Cards Add To Holiday Emotions

For the holidays, sending greeting cards is an excellent means of letting people know you are thinking about them. Sending photo Christmas cards lets you tell people you think they are extra special and you want to share your holiday family portrait with them. However, there should be some thought put into, not only who receives photo Christmas cards, but also the type of picture on the card.

Since the photo Christmas cards are being sent to celebrate the holiday, they should be a holiday-theme picture. Perhaps everyone wears a holiday hat or the picture taken with a Christmas background. Sending photo Christmas cards with a picture of you on vacation in some exotic location may seem a little pretentious to some, and inappropriate. This, however will depend on whom you send the cards.

In sending photo Christmas cards to family and close friends, there is usually a positive reaction, but sending a family picture to acquaintances, who may not know your family, may be a waste of a perfectly good picture. Odds are it will not be saved at the end of the holiday season. Think before you send. If you wouldn't want a picture of your friend's family, they probably do not want one of yours.

Pictures Of Kids On Cards Always Appropriate

When children are in the picture, especially with a holiday background, they are always appropriate on photo Christmas cards. Or if the children have celebrated a life milestone within a reasonable amount of time to the holidays, a picture of that event is always acceptable and the card can also serve as an announcement.

The price of photo Christmas cards is rapidly declining, making them more affordable for everyone. Whether you use the ones that slip into an envelope or the ones that serves as a post card without an envelope, depends on your budget as well as your preference. Many believe the envelope is better for family safety issues.

One thought to keep in mind when choosing to send photo Christmas cards is that the card will last awhile and the picture on it that seems flattering or funny today, may not have the same effect later in the year. The person you send the card to may not have fee the same about the picture as you do, and choose to use it in the future for other purposes.