Personalized Gifts From The Heart

For many people, part of the fun in giving their child, loved one, or fried a present is in the hunt; the actual search for that gift that will have them grinning like that obnoxious pink cat that made Alice's (and his) head spin. You got as much joy watching your sister's face light up when she opened her birthday present as she did receiving it.

There is a particularly funny "Golden Girls" episode where the ladies decide to forgo the usual Christmas shopping and make personalized gifts for one another. Dorothy is less than enthused when Rose presents her with a maple syrup nozzle; to get syrup straight from the tree. "This will come in handy if I am ever lost in the woods with a giant stack of pancakes." The so-called superficial gift that Dorothy prematurely passed on? A pair of silver earrings that she had been lusting over for months.

Is it better to give personalized gifts? Do your friends and family assume you put less thought and consideration into your gifts because they do not include personal touches? It is not really a question of a personalized gift being better; it is possible that the uniqueness you add makes it stand out a little more. The good news is that you can make minimal alterations and still give your intended the feeling that you recognize their special place in your life.

Giving Your Gifts Some Personality

One of the most common ways to personalize a gift is with a name; it could be the first name, a cute nickname, or even just initials. If there is room, a sentimental or humorous note only adds to the gift. Many jewelry stores and specialty "keepsake" shops offer engraving of items purchased from them. If you already have something to be engraved, check with the store ahead of time; additional fees may be involved.

Personalizing a gift through needle work is another popular way to put a special touch on something. This seems to be ideal for receiving blankets and other gifts for a new baby. A throw can also be inscribed with a date and occasion. This is something that can make an excellent graduation or house warming present. Add a few accent pillows for an instant decorator's gift. Sweatshirts and tee shirts are also very popular for personalizing by stitching in a name, or favorite sports team.