Making The Mad Dash For The Last Minute Gifts

How fun it must be for retail sales associates and customer service representatives during holiday seasons as they observe "the running of the frenzied shoppers" scrambling about for last minute gifts. In the past, it has been mainly men who wait until the eleventh hour to choose a meaningful gift for their significant other or spouse. As it turns out, women can be just as bad (or good) at throwing together a present for a birthday party or a bridal shower that begins in thirty minutes.

Are you prone to gift giving procrastination? Should your name be synonymous with last minute gifts? Do holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries always seem to get the best of you, no matter how much you try to plan ahead? You can avoid the stress and judging stares of the sales associates by cheating during the off season.

A Few Mad Dash Ideas

Perhaps you are just so strapped at work and around the house that you simply cannot make a trip to the mall. What do you do? Before you haphazardly scribble out another check to be crammed in a random greeting card from the corner store, breathe in deeply. It is a good idea to stock pile on gift basket essentials like coffee mugs, baskets, trinket boxes, bags of imported coffee, trial size lotions and bath gels, and even small picture frames.

See a nice bottle of wine on sale? If you are able, grab one for yourself and a few more for easy last minute gifts. Keep everything together so you will be able to find all the ingredients you need to make a charming gift basket without anyone knowing the wiser. And instead of buying several different greetings cards for each possible occasion, pick out blank note cards or stationary and fill in a heartfelt message yourself.

Gift cards also make excellent last minute gifts, and can easily conceal your true identity as a procrastinator. Are you not exactly sure which store to purchase a gift card from? Visa and American Express now have gift cards with their logo that can be used anywhere, to buy anything. They can be purchased through most banks, as well as in drug stores and department stores. Grocery stores are helping out last minute gift givers with an assortment of gift cards in set amounts near the check-out registers. Pick up a gallon of milk and a gift card to Blockbuster for your brother.