Holiday Cards Celebrate Specific Days

There are so many varieties and designs of holiday cards there is no valid reason not to send one. Even if you are reluctant to go to the store and buy one, address the envelope and mail it, the accessibility of electronic cards takes away any excuse for letting someone know you are thinking about them on a specific day.

If people do not have a holiday to celebrate, they tend to make them up such as Winter-een-mas, celebrated at the end of January, it is a weeklong holiday for electronic gaming. Although there may be no commercially available holiday cards for this particular celebration, there were comic books to commemorate the occasion.

While Friday the 13th is not an official holiday, the first one of the year is being called Blame Someone Else Day and a few electronic greeting card companies are doing their best to see it catch on. Many people place a lot of blame on the card companies for devising, or at least promoting some of the more obscure holidays in order to increase the sale of holiday cards.

Holiday Cards Sizzle On Certain Holidays

Mother's Day is the number one sales day for holiday cards with Christmas running a close second. Some of the holidays, however being blamed on greeting card companies include Sweetest Day, the third Saturday in October in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan, and Mother-In-Law's Day celebrated the fourth Sunday in October in Germany.

Former President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the Sunday after Labor Day in September as Grandparent's Day and Dan O'Keefe, a Reader's Digest writer and editor came up with Festivus to be held December 23rd, which became part of Seinfeld television show script written by his son, which begins with the airing of grievances and the test of strength after the Festivus meal. This is when wrestling takes place with family members attempting to pin the head of the household to the floor. While there has not been a rush of holiday cards for Festivus, it was meant to be a holiday to bypass the hustle and bustle of Christmas day.

While many personal greetings are sent out in holiday cards, many businesses often send out greetings on special holidays as a means of keeping in touch with customers. Traditionally, Christmas is the biggest time of year for businesses to send out holiday cards, however some will also send cards for other national holidays.