Golf Tournament Gifts Attract Generous Players

One of the bonuses of participating in a tournament, are the golf tournament gifts handed out to participants to help attract players. Many of the tournaments are played to raise money for charity and additional events can add income to the day, but it requires that players with a certain level of disposal income are included in the play.

In order to attract players with a large generosity streak, most tournaments will provide golf tournament gifts in order for the players to feel better about donations they make through other venues of the tournament. Money is often raised not only from tournament entry fees, but also through raffles and skill contests on certain holes of play, in which to enter a separate fee is required. With a higher quality of golf tournament gifts people are more apt to participate, thinking they are receiving a quality item in return for their donation.

During some outings where the golf tournament gifts are of a lesser quality, players typically are more reserved in the additional monies they are willing to part with at the event. The types of gifts, while usually golf-related items, can vary to upper end clothing and gift certificates to restaurants and other stores.

Gifts Differ From Raffle Prizes

During most golf outings, prizes are awarded for various events such as longest putt on a particular hole, longest drive, holes in one among others. Additionally, prizes are also usually tendered for random drawings as well as the golf tournament gifts often given to each participant in the tournament.

Being able to offer a high quality of golf tournament gifts often draws in more players who appreciate getting a decent return on their donation to a charity golf outing. In order to do this, a tournament will team with corporate sponsors, which either will provide golf tournament gifts or are willing to pat for them. A sporting goods company, for example may offer golf balls or towels as a gift while a sponsoring financial institution may write the tournament a check to pay for such items.

In either case, it is all about the publicity the companies believe they will receive in exchange for their generosity. If a company supplies golf balls, it is normal for the balls to be imprinted with that company's name, keeping it front of the golfer for that tournament play as well as later, if the player does not lose them all during the day.