Psychology Behind Buying Gifts For Men

Unlike women, buying gifts for men is not just hard - it is impossible and you shouldn't bother unless he has specifically asked for something. If he hasn't told you what he wants, the odds are against you and it really makes no sense spending time and effort looking for that 'perfect' gift for the man in your life.

They may say they like the cashmere sweater or the Armani fragrance, but 9 out of 10 times they only want what they have their mind set on at that particular time. Unlike women, buying gifts for men has nothing to do with 'occasion', 'special', 'romantic' or 'date. They couldn't care less if you give it to them on their birthday, two weeks later or two days before - as long as it is what they asked for; you're okay.

Don't Get Something Sentimental

If women would melt at the thought of remembering where you had your first date and making reservations for two at the same place, guys don't. Unless you jog their memory really hard or if they happen to have the name on their credit card statement, chances are they won't even remember.

Do Get Something with Wires

Whether the wires are coming out of an iPod video or going in to an Xbox 360, wires are a safe way to go. However, again know what he wants; you may spend all your savings on the latest Play Station 3 as a special gift for your man but his heart may be all set on the Nintendo Wii.

Don't Get Him a Surprise

Men's gifts should not be a surprise - period. Don't have something sexy shipped to him that you both can use together. He wants his gift to be manly, technologically advanced and with lots for wires.

Many new wives, girlfriends and dates learn this the hard way. The first Valentines Day together they give him a cute teddy bear with a box of chocolates and he goes home and gives the candy to the kid next door and hides the bear in a closet in case you ask him about it two years down the road.

Guys don't mind being asked what they want. They aren't in to the guessing games and wish that you weren't either. Ask them if they want a PS 3 or a Xbox 360, go with them to buy it in case there are some cool accessories you don't know about and then give him the biggest gift ever - the freedom to play his new game all night!