Finding The Right Gifts For Her

It has been a long running joke about men their propensity for buying bad gifts for her. Popular television sitcoms show the husband either completely forgetting the holiday/birthday/anniversary, or scrambling around at the last second for a hastily thrown together present.

Retailers and other consumer companies have been marketing to that male flaw for years with "gifts for her" splashed across weekly advertisements. Men can even buy these gifts pre-wrapped. The only thing left to do is pick out a card, and chicken's done.

Is there a formula for finding those special gifts for her? Some good old-fashioned detective work might just be the solution. You can find many ideas for gifts for her simply by paying attention to those usually considered random and unimportant comments.

Gift Ideas

* Is there a particular band she raves about and listens to? You could surprise her with anything from a new compact disc to concert tickets

* Does she have an affinity for plays and musicals? A fine night of dinner and the theater could make for a very romantic time.

* Does she wear any jewelry? Is there a preference to gold or silver? You can usually find many "gifts for her" boxed sets that include matching earrings, necklace, and sometimes a bracelet.

* Does she wear perfume? If so, what is her favorite scent or scents?

This may be the time to make like jolly Saint Nick with that list; create a shopping helper for you, and keep it on-hand. You should probably check it more than twice, in order to ensure your hints are current.

Personal Touches And Such

Another idea is to create a personalized gift for her. A home made gift basket of her favorite bath products, luxurious sponges, and candles shows that you are paying attention to little details. Add a bottle of sweet smelling massage oil and a coupon for free massages any night she chooses.

Gift cards are always popular gift ideas for her. Be creative with where you buy the gift card from; instead of the standard department store, choose a specialty shop that caters to body sprays, lotions, and bath gels. Surprise your beloved with a gift certificate to her favorite salon for a day of pampering. Candle boutiques are also very nice.