Gift Ideas: Listen For Certain Clues From Friends, Family Or Whoever!

If you have a holiday or someone's birthday coming up and you just can't seem to think of any gift ideas for that certain person in your life, you have to be able to think back. Go back into your past, even if it's just a couple of days, because, chances are, that certain someone has mentioned some gift ideas, something they've really wanted for a long time, and that's where you get the best gift ideas: from the internal vault that is your memory bank.

What To Listen For

When you're trying to think of gift idea clues that the person might have hinted around to, you want to pay special attention to statements that start with the words, "I wish I had", or, "I would love" By paying attention to those words, even if they were just mentioned briefly, as that's how most gift idea clues are given, as brief snippets of conversation that you must focus on to actually receive their meaning. When that person in your life, be it a friend, teacher, manager, coworker or even your own sibling, mentions that they've always wanted something, that's the perfect gift idea for that person. They've told you, you just have to think back and remember.

What If The Gift Ideas Are Too Expensive?

Let's say that the clues you've been given by that certain someone is a very expensive item. Let's say, for example, your wife or husband has mentioned that they have always wanted a certain piece of jewelry, say, a gold necklace. That's the gift idea clue and now you must seek one out. You get to the jewelry store and you see that the necklace costs almost a thousand dollars. What are you to do then?

If the person on your list has given you a gift idea that's beyond your reach, either physically or financially, then it's time to either reach back further in your mind for other gift idea clues, or you can use your imagination.

If that person is really special to you, then that necklace is probably deserved. Put a down payment on it. At least that shows that you listened. You may not be able to get them the necklace at gift time but you did listen, and respond, to their gift idea clue.

Or, you can get shop around for a necklace of the same look that won't cost a lot. Try bidding on the item on one of the several online auction sites available. You can potentially get high dollar items for a percentage of what they're worth.

Just remember, that it's not about the price of the object, or even the object itself. Sure, it's great to get someone the gift they truly want, but if you listen to them, you let that person know that you truly care and that you did your best to listen to and respond to their gift ideas that they've likely alluded to many times before, they just did it as slyly as possible.