Engraved Gifts: Creating A Lasting Impression

For many years a popular Christmas gift was to buy shiny gold plated ornaments, and have them engraved with a name or special message. It is both normal and common too want to commemorate a particular holiday and/or occasion with an engraved gift.

The engraved Christmas ornament gift is still a thoughtful idea for newborns, newly married couples, and anyone else you want to express your affection and appreciation for. Some people even engrave ornaments they purchased while on vacation; a lovely way to remember a fun time.

Engraving personal gifts is especially popular for weddings; gifts to the bridesmaid and groomsmen, as well as the parents and even grandparents are usually etched with the couples' names and their memorable wedding date.

Much Ado About Engraving

Another important wedding item that is most often engraved is one or both of the wedding rings. Not only the date, but also initials and a heartfelt message can make a special day even more special. Many times, wedding extras like the toasting glasses and the cake cutter are bought as gifts and engraved with the wedding date.

There are several well known specialty stores that sell keepsake items and offer engraving services on any item, including blankets and afghans. Classy pen sets are a great engraved gift idea for promotions and new jobs. Music and jewelry boxes are very popular for birthdays and anniversaries.

Most jewelry stores will offer engraving services to their customers who are looking to add something extra special for their spouse, loved on, or friend. From pendants to rings, watches to bracelets; almost any gift can be engraved.

Engraving is just a really great way to add a personal, heartfelt touch to any gift. You do not have to use a lot of fancy words, or a lot of words, period, in order to express what you are feeling. Sometimes, just remembering a particular day or occasion could mean more than an eloquently penned sonnet. You would not be able to put much on that ornament or watch anyway!

Plan ahead and know what you want to have inscribed before you even begin shopping for the gift. Also keep in mind if you are shopping during a holiday season, that is may take longer to have your selected gift engraved due to a heavier volume of business. It would be a good idea to schedule accordingly.