About Christmas Gifts

It was certainly a different time when Saint Nick was selling off all of his world possessions and probably expounding on the joys of giving; he never had to sit in a monstrous traffic jam, creep around for eons in the car while looking for a decent parking space, or grapple with the thousands of other shoppers in the mall.

Over the years, the quest for the perfect Christmas gift has become much more stressful. Plus, the average shopper does not stumble into the shopping malls and department stores until a few weeks, or even mere days before Christmas.

Finding the best Christmas gift is fast becoming a science to be studied, observed, and taught. Sometimes you are given a cheat sheet of sorts, the infamous wish list. And then you have the incredibly fun "surprise me" Christmas gift requests that force you to pull out the red-striped thinking cap (complete with bells).

Finding The Gift Niche

One unique way to show your affection and thoughtfulness for your family and friends is by making personalized and homemade Christmas gifts. Do not go crazy with tinsel and your glue gun; and sequins are okay in small doses. You can easily put together gift baskets with bath gels, tiny decorative soaps, candles, and even a loofa sponge for the ladies. For men, goodies like flavored almonds, mixed nuts, and an assortment of chocolate and candies will put a smile on his face.

Another good idea for those considering giving Christmas gifts with a personal touch is a calendar. You can create a photo collage, or choose different pictures for each month. Many major office supply stores now offer this service, as well as other personalized items like coffee mugs and mouse pads.

It you would prefer to do the project entirely hands-on, there are certain computer programs that you can purchase to create on-of-a-kind calendars. Everyone uses calendars; this is one Christmas gift that will not be stored away and forgotten.

Gift cards have gained in popularity as "one size fits all" Christmas gifts. You can pick the store and the amount, and you are good to go. Perhaps you are not sure where the intended recipient likes to shop; shopping malls offer gift cheques that can be redeemed anywhere within their walls. You can also purchase a gift card bearing the Visa, Mastercard, and even American Express logo. This way your Christmas gift can be used literally anywhere and for anything.