Blue Mountain Cards Offers Product Choices

When you are looking to send a holiday greeting and have no desire to wander through the aisle of a card shop or department store looking for the perfect card, you can visit an online retailer such as Blue Mountain cards. This online card shop offers pre-made cards, which can be emailed to the recipient, create and print cards that can be personalized or you can design your own desktop background and screensavers from their designs.

Whether you want to strictly send e-cards through Blue Mountain cards or create and print your own cards, you can use the 30-day free trial offer to make sure the cards fit your tastes and lifestyle before buying your membership. The membership is separate for both types of cards, but you do get a small discount if you purchase both memberships together.

One of the advantages of Blue Mountain cards is that when you are entering your personal message, there is no limit on the length of the message. It can be as short or as long as you need it to be to provide the desired message. Additionally, Blue Mountain cards offers a small selection of free e-cards for just about every holiday and occasion, available on their website.

Internet Hoax Causes Company Grief

Blue Mountain cards do not send cards as email attachment; rather the cards are animated web pages to which recipients are sent to retrieve their greetings. Recently, an email hoax was perpetrated against the company stating that when a recipient opened their card their computer was infected with a virus. This was never the case and with the way the cards are delivered, would not be technologically possible.

Started with the intention of offering free electronic greeting cards in 1996, Blue Mountain cards is now a highly popular commercial endeavor by AGInteractive, and even though the company offers paid memberships allowing members to send an unlimited number of e-cards and design and print cards, they still include free cards in their selections.

Another aspect of their business that keeps Blue Mountain cards that keeps on top of the e-card game is their continuing reminders about obscure holidays. It is just another way to help you stay in touch with people by send an e-mail greeting for a holiday they may have never heard about before receiving your card. Imagine someone receiving a card on Jimmy Durante's birthday, celebrating Big Snoz Day.