Funny Birthday Cards: Make Someone Laugh On Their Special Day

Everyone loves when their birthday comes around, despite the fact that they are getting older. Your birthday is a time when friends and family show how much they appreciate the fact that you were born and are now in their lives. The best way to show that person whose birthday is coming up how much you care is to get them a funny birthday card.

Choose Your Humor Wisely

There are many funny birthday cards to choose from, it all depends on who you are planning to give it to as to how tasteful you want to go. For example, you wouldn't want to give your grandmother a funny birthday card that's a little raunchy, one that you would normally give a peer, because that would likely offend her. You wan to choose the humor according to the taste of the person you're buying the funny birthday card for.

Neutral Humor

If you want neutral humor, that is, humor that can be given to anyone because of the tame nature of the card, your best bet is to shop for funny birthday cards at your local pharmacy. At your local pharmacy, birthday cards are separated by occasion, sex, and even brand. You have a very large selection of funny birthday cards that can given to anyone on your list, a coworker for example. These neutral funny birthday cards are also great if you are buying for someone who you really don't know that well and you just want to make them laugh without offending them, because you aren't fully aware of their sense of humor, or of what they may find funny.

Racy Birthday Cards

Of course, there are funny birthday cards for those who you know that you can't offend and you actually want to shock them a little bit, while making them laugh at the same time. You can find funny birthday cards that push the limit at your local adult store. At adult stores, they sell funny birthday cards that will shock, as well as make the person laugh.

So, pay attention to the person you're buying the card for, as you don't want to offend. The point is to make them laugh on their special day so choose your birthday cards carefully and don't forget to write a special note inside to show that person that you wanted to make them laugh but you also wanted to show them how much you truly care about them and how much you want to celebrate the fact that they were born on this day several years ago.