A Few Anniversary Gift Ideas You Both Can Enjoy

Instead of giving each other an anniversary gift and staying in the same flowers-chocolates-dinner-jewelry rut, think of a combined anniversary gift this year which you both can enjoy. It may be hard to come up with a boxed gift that you both can enjoy, so look beyond the mall for a great anniversary gift.

Day Romantic Getaway

At places like Sybaris resorts, you can easily book a day time getaway for you and your spouse in case you have little kids or work due to which you can not leave town. The beauty of Sybaris suites are that they are located very close to big cities so that you don't have to waste time traveling.

Depending on your budget, you can book a whirlpool suite or even one with a private swimming pool and waterfall! Afternoon rates are much less expensive than weekends or overnight so you may even be able to save some money by spending a few quality hours as an anniversary gift for one another. Remember to turn cell phones and pagers off.


Although at first this seems like more of an anniversary gift for a man, technology could be the marriage saver in many instances. Figure out what you and your spouse argue about the most and then find a way to solve that. If you pester one another to vacuum, consider buying the Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner that does the job for you. If a big screen TV is his dream but something she finds to be a waste of money, think about a wall-mounted plasma or LCD screen. That way she can get rid of all the unsightly wires and components off the floor and use the extra space for something she likes.

If you're fighting over who gets to use the computer more, get a notebook so that you each have one computer and can work simultaneously and then relax at the same time without having to take turns.


Pampering does not just involve going to s spa and getting a couple's massage - even though that it is a great idea. You could pamper each other by getting a maid service for a year. That way you can spend more time on your hobbies on the weekend or go out than grumbling about scrubbing bathrooms. If dinner is a point of contention, pick a gourmet meal service that delivers meals to your door.