Greeting Cards: From Puns To Sonnets And Back Again

Greeting cards are a very popular and important ingredient in the whole gift formula. Possibly originating with the ancient Egyptians; it could be that a brazen scribe decided to doodle on his master's papyrus and the first birthday card was made. There is also speculation that the Greeks were able to get a limerick or two written down. But definitely since the Middle Ages, the evolution of the greeting card has crept and bounded to involve every holiday, occasion, and teeny tiny reason for celebration possible regardless of how silly or serious.

You can send a birthday card to your mother, your father, your grandparents, a step-mother and/or step-father, cousins galore, best friends, and even your pet. You can be sentimental, romantic, funny, quippy, and even raunchy. And your choice of characters can range anywhere from Garfield to Winnie the Pooh to bulging-eyed cats and dogs.

Greeting cards allow people to express feelings they do not normally have the creativity and eloquence to say themselves. Even the most shy, introverted person can sound like Cyrano with a romantic Valentine's Day card. Many a husband has offered an apology through the words of beloved Ziggy, and a bouquet of roses. During times of loss and grief, simple condolences are shared easiest without saying a word.

Greetings, And Hallmark, and Envelopes

Greeting card companies American Greetings and Hallmark have become the two major powerhouses in a once thought to be minuscule industry. This industry has, in recent years fused with current technology and created e-cards. There is no such thing as last minute cards when you can send anyone a quick "hello" or "Happy Birthday" at any time of the day. You can usually schedule an e-card to be delivered on a certain day. And may web sites offer this service at no additional cost.

Feeling artistic and creatively inspired? Add a personalized touch to your loved one's greeting card by making it yourself. You do not have to pull out the sequins, glitter, and your trusty glue gun; ribbons and a one hole punch can help you create a miniature story book that will sweep your recipient down a wonderful trail of nostalgia and happy memories.

There is not any particular way or formula to choosing the right greeting card. If you are purchasing more than one card, it might be a good idea to make a list of whom you are browsing for.