Some Points To Consider Before Using Soy Wax For Candle Making

If you would like to use soy wax for candle making, you will soon find that it provides a lot of pleasure and it is a good ingredient that will be sure to teach you something new each time you use it. Of course, along the way you will learn of things that can be done better, some that are shortcuts while others are things are those that you should not do, and there is plenty more to soy wax for candle making which can vary including the temperature requirements as too different soy wax manufacturers, and you should also understand that not all soy wax that you will use is the same.

Keep Your Electronics Out Of The Way

Before you indulge in using soy wax for candle making, you must ensure that you remove all of your electronic equipment from the site where you are going to do the candle making since any kind of wax including soy wax is really quite dangerous for your expensive equipment and must not be found anywhere in the vicinity of your equipment.

Having ensured that you are not going to damage your expensive equipment while using soy wax for candle making, you will next need to decide on how much soy wax to use, which obviously depends on how many candles you wish to make. In any case, one pound of soy wax would melt and give you sixteen ounces of liquid wax; so, you can decide on the number of candles you wish to make from a pound of soy wax which in turn depends on the size of your jars.

Next, you need to calibrate the jar by pouring water into it and jotting down the ounces held which is useful in deciding how much soy wax for candle making you will need. Following this, you should start melting the wax and that too at the recommended temperature, and then let it cool to a specified temperature after which you can add any fragrance that you wish to have.

Stir the mixture quite a few times and especially take care to stir it well prior to pouring the candles which should be done as the wax begins to cool to the suggested temperature for pouring, or when it begins to change in consistency. After that, you may want to layer and even marble your candles; though, remember to wait for a quarter of an hour before starting on the next layer. And, to make your soy wax candles more appealing, you can choose to label or add ribbons, stickers and even charms to the containers, which will add some excitement to the finished product that you have just made with the help of soy wax for candle making.

There no doubts that soy wax is different and thus you need to check the recommended temperatures for different soy wax for candle making, and so follow the recommendations of the manufacturer before starting your candle making while using soy wax.