Scented Candle Making Is Popular

Making scented candles is a popular craft because of the variety of fragrances that are available to be used and blended. You can make scented candles that can fit into any environment and enhance each of the rooms in your home. Scented candles add a subtle element to your home d├ęcor.

Scent Families

If you want to make a scented candle, you have many options for your scent choice. There are different families of scents from which to choose and your scent form will also have to be considered. If you are using a liquid form of scenting agent for your scented candle making projects, you can use either a fragrance oil or an essential oil. The difference between the two oils is that an essential oil is only derived from natural sources such as plants, bark, roots and flowers while fragrance oils can be made from synthetic and toxic chemicals.

Candle Fragrances For Aromatherapy

You can choose scents that are based on aromatherapy such as revitalizing, soothing, healing and relaxing. You can also choose from scent families such as spicy, woodsy, floral, citrus, musky, sporty, food based and even unisex. There are many scent types and you probably have your favorite scent already. It is possible to blend different scent families together to create wonderful new scents.

Moods And Memories

You can make special scented candles that can be used for meditation, spiritual or magical practices and rituals. There are many herbs that have a long association with religious ceremonies and that can be used to scent candles for the creation of a special place and time. You can also use scents because of their nostalgic value. Scents are a powerful way to create moods and to evoke memories.

Scenting Agents For Candles

You can find scent supplies in different forms such as liquid, chips, powder, beads or flakes. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using a wax scenting agent to avoid discoloration, staining or overheating. Avoid using too much of a fragrance when making scented candles because it can affect the candle's burning time and quality. Some fragrance agents also have temperatures at which they will burn away or become flammable if the wax is too hot.

Scented candle making can be an interesting experience as you learn more about the scents that fascinate the people around you. You can even discover the candle scents that make you feel better and brighten your mood as you learn about making scented candles.