Important Candle Making Tips For Hot Wax Safety

When you are making candles, you should use these candle making tips for a safer candle making experience. Since most candle types require heat to bring the candle wax to a liquid and workable state, it is important that you practice hot wax safety tips when candle making.

Hot Wax Is Flammable

Wax can be easily heated to a flammable temperature and at this point, it can burst into flames. Check the manufacturer's instructions that come with your candle wax for the correct temperature for melting your wax. You may find it necessary to have a back up thermometer on hand in case one of them breaks. Because wax can explode when the temperature is too high, another candle making safety tip is that you do not heat wax in a microwave because the wax heats internally first and it is not easy to take a correct temperature reading when using a microwave.

Handle With Care

You should not use water on a wax fire because the hot wax could burst. Use baking soda on a wax fire because this will safely smother the wax fire. You can also use a metal lid to smother a wax fire. If hot wax is on your skin, run the area under cold water to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin. Remove the wax and treat the burn.

No Children Or Pets Around

When heating wax, make sure that kids and pets cannot enter the area. Melting and heating wax should not be left unattended. A thermometer should also be used continuously in your hot wax so that you can be certain that your wax is kept at a safe temperature. You will need to use a metal or heatproof container with a spout and handle for handling your hot wax.

Store Wax Away From The Heat

Another important candle making tip is to keep wax away from heat sources and do not let wax drip onto a heat source. If you use metal molds with hot wax, the metal will heat up and you will need oven gloves to handle the mold. It is important to wear gloves and have heat pads on hand in case of accidental spills.

Handling hot wax becomes a problem if you are not aware of any hot wax safety precautions and other important candle making tips. Treat your wax with respect and caution at all times and have a safety kit on hand for any accidents. If you treat your candle making projects with safety and caution, you will be able to enjoy making candles for many projects.