Try Different Candle Making Recipes

There are as many recipes for candle making, just as there are recipes for your favorite food dishes. You can get the exact fragrance, coloring or effects that you want based on the candle making recipe that you will use for your project. By using different recipes, you will be able to find the recipe that gives you the results that you want and you will be able to create your own candle making recipes once you understand and have mastered the basic steps of candle making.

Recipes For Different Wax Effects

There are recipes for making candles that are based on blending waxes and preparing wax for different effects such as floating candle wax or a frosting effect. Other effects that you can achieve with candle wax include marbling, embedded wax, glitter, gel, painted and a variety of other effects. You may want to blend waxes to lower costs or to get different effects from the wax such as a longer burn time or added fragrance.

Color In Different Forms

You can also find recipes for creating color that are compatible with your coloring materials whether the coloring agent is flaked, liquid or in block form. It takes so much of a coloring agent per pound of wax to get the desired color so once you understand how your coloring agents work according to their manufacturer's instructions then you can then apply this knowledge to your own candle making recipes. You can also mix colors to get more color options.

Scented Candle Recipes

You will want to make use of fragrance oils and essential oils when they are used for scenting your candles. You can only use so much fragrance oil per candle before it affects the burning ability of the candle. Any other special instructions that come with the scenting agents will be easy to understand once you begin making your handcrafted candles. You can also use herbs and spices in your candles for scent.

There are candle recipes for creating scented candles for aromatherapy, home scents and for creating different atmospheres such as romantic, spiritual and healing. You can use fragrance oils and essential oils in ways that will enhance your living space and can contribute to your good mood. You can try already tested fragrance blends or you can create your own special recipe based on your favorite scents and needs.

You can find candle making recipes on the Internet and in books at craft stores or your local library. Some candle making recipes are traditional and have been in use for a long time and you can find modern recipes based on the new ingredients that are available for use in candle making.